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December 2007
As usual, I am trying to get stuff done! I am so behind this year! Starr is doing great in her new home and I have a deposit on a show puppy! I will be putting up some info soon on choosing a breed and the process I went through to find mine. Currently- I am just trying to get Christmas done!

October 2007
Cat Drama!
We have cat drama at home. My sister's two cats, Willow and Raven are visiting us for four months. The Bug is very unhappy about her home being invaded by strange cats. She was stalking them, but Jason got her to stop that! Now they are at least tolerating each other even though they are not thrilled about the idea.

December 2006
I have a cold. I still have some gifts to make too. I had been hoping I would be done by now- but that didn't work out. But I am still on track. I should have everything done on time! Hopefully I will have my holiday page up soon too. No promises on that though!

June 2006
I got my Husqvarna Rose! I need to get the software that allows me to digitize whatever I want and I have even selected the software package I want. It is called Embird. I am going to get the Basic (because you need that to use the plug-ins) and the Digitizing, Cross-stitch, and Font Engine Plug-Ins to go with it.

August 2005

Kitty Update!!!

Click her picture to go to her page.

April 2005
Armand died the first week of April. Here he is during surgery- Jason was trying to figure out what was wrong.


Unfortunately the problem really started about a year ago when my battery leaked. At the time I removed the battery and everything was fine. But the battery acid had leaked onto the motherboard and started corrosion that resulted in this death a year later.
So that is the bad news. Now the good news...
I got a new computer.

I am doing some serious work on this site. Believe it or not- it is getting better! But for now, not much works. Please try again in a few days or maybe a few weeks! I am also learning a lot of programming stuff so I hope to update that soon. Many of the things that used to be here are not available right now- like the recipes. The pages are still here- the entire site is being restructured so all of it will be back eventually.


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January 14
I am restructuring this site- FINALLY! I have been trying to for so long but seemed to have been stuck for so long. I seem to be over the "web block" and am actually making progress. A lot of the links are not active right now but I am working on it. I hope to have things looking good and working soon.

In addition to the buttons on the side I hope to add the following: On my birthday- January 8th- I broke my toe. So I am doing some 'couch time' but this is turning out to be a good thing. This is one of the reasons I have time to work on my site.

Starr now has a page on Dogster. Bug has a page on Catster. Check them out!