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McCall's 3445

Date started: 11/06
Date finished: 12/06
Project for: Mary

View: B

Size: XLG

Adjustments/Changes: I added the ruffled sleeves and hem from View C to View B.

Fabric: 100% cotton print. Scooby Doo Print.

The sleeves were too long.
Here is one of the problems with making things for people that they don't know about- it is hard to get a good fit without having them try it on. I was thinking about that issue and may just give out coupons and cards next year for the item I want to make for them and that way I can surprise them and still get a good fit- they just would not have the item for Christmas.
At least this is easy to fix. I will just cut off the sleeve and narrow it and resew the ruffle and ribbon trim.
I made her this nightshirt and a drafted pair of bloomers to go with it! She loved them.

My goal list:

This is the pattern that I used.

Fabric Swatch

Finished Nightshirt!

Bug Blessing Mary's nightshirt. This was the only item Bug wanted to lay on so it must be special!

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