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Self Drafted Bag Holders

Date started: 4/07
Date finished: 04/07
Project for: Me (Jo)

I sell things at events and always need bags. People are always asking for them so I decided to make some bag holders that I can fill up during the year and then take to events when I vend so I have a ready supply of bags!

Size: O/S

Pattern Notes: This is a very easy pattern!

Fat Quarters- 1 per bag holder
Instructions: Take the fat quarter and press it. Then fold it in half, right sides together, with the shortest sides together. Sew side seam. Make a casing in each end for your elastic, leaving an open space for the elastic to be threaded through. Thread your elastic through and sew it together. I generally find it easier to just hand sew my elastic so that is what I did. Sew the open section closed and you are done!
You can find Fat Quarters in a variety of colors and patterns so you can have fun with this project!
Fabric: 100% cotton fat quarters

A very easy project. The hardest part is sewing the casing shut after you put the elastic in. And that is just because it is gathered rather tight and you have to stretch it out to sew it closed.

Pictures coming soon!

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