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Starr's History

We got Starr in January 2003. I got Starr from Cheryl of Touch o' Luv Cockers in Sebestapol.

Starr started to suffer from allergies almost the minute I brought her home. Of course, I didn't realize it at the time. It took me a while to realize she had allergies and then thinking back- I realized she had been having minor symptoms from the time I had got her.

I spent many years (and many dollars) trying to find a solution for her and came to the conclusion that she was highly allergic to things where I live- and my active lifestyle was exacerbating her condition. She hated always going somewhere. So I placed her in a wonderful home in Sutter Creek with a retired lady that I house sit for. I get to visit her when I go up there and she is doing so well! I actually felt guilty for a while for not thinking of that sooner.

I will keep her page here even though she no longer lives with us.

Here is Starr at her first show. She got her first point at it too! She is retired now and not showing anymore.