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January is my usual time for oranizing and cleaning my sewing/art/craft room. I got a new art table for Christmas so I really want to set it up somewhere. I need to get control of my fabric stash- it is out of control! And my patterns are now unorganized again as well. I need to go through them, enter them into my database and get them all in my books. I also want to set up some area to take pictures of my projects. This past Christmas I was very disappointed in the fact that I really had no place to take pictures of my projects!

Sewing Goals for 2006:


I finally got a Husqvarna Rose! I am so excited about this machine. I made Jason a new polar fleece robe. I embroidered Tux, the Linux Penguin on one side and his name on the other.

My Sewing Room

My boyfriend and I live in a two bedroom townhouse in the Bay Area of California. I currently have a whole room that is dedicated to my crafts and sewing. (Well mostly)
I have four machines:

I have a table where I sew but if I am working on other crafts (scrapbooking or rubber stamping) I can put away the sewing machines and use the table.


My system for organizing patterns works like this: I photocopy the pattern envelope both front and back (double-sided copy). Then I put these in a three-ring binder organized by categories. I then put the pattern in purchased pattern boxes organized by number. If two companies have the same number for different patterns I then file them alphabetically by company.
I also have a database that I am currently working on that I enter all my patterns into. I hope to have it available soon!

I don't have a good system for organizing fabrics. I am working on a notebook. I plan to sort them by content (if known) then cut a swatch and put staple it to a card and put this card in a sleeve made for collector cards. There are card holder sleeves to fit in 3-ring binders with 9 card slots per page. I will put the fiber content, yardage, price, and notes on the card.

Current and Planned Projects