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Here is where I talk about one of my favorite things: Cross-stitch! My sister is the one that actually got me into this- several years ago. I was watching her stitch and asked her if she really liked doing it and she said she did- and so I got a little kit and stitched it. I have been hooked ever since. I prefer counted cross-stitch to the printed ones and also tend to prefer charts and books rather than kits.

I have been thinking about designing some charts because I can't find what I want. I have some samplers I want to design with a "Grapes" theme. Also some Dog Breed samplers. I have several versions of each that I want to design.

Current Projects


Coming soon!


Stitch Guide Great site for finding stitches, in cross-stitch, crochet and many other needlecrafts.

How to Frame your Needlework GREAT site. Very useful and their Online Tutorial is excellent.

Cleaning Your Cross-stitch This links directly the the page on cleaning- but there is a LOT of really great basic information here.

DMC Of course!

Patterns Online A GREAT place to shop for cross-stitch patterns! I have PC Stitch Pro and can download the patterns in this format. With PC Stitch I can print out the charts in many formats- including using colors and symbols or just black and white symbols. I prefer the black and white charts so print out in that format.

PC Stitch If you are in the market for a cross-stitch program PC Stitch is the one I love. You can get three versions of it- the free version which just reads charts. You can use the free version to read and print charts you download. The Basic version is great for those who want to modify the charts a bit. And the Professional version- which is the one I have- is great for designers.